Your guide to Rutherglen and King Valley wineries

Schnapps tasting at Wild Brumby, near Jindabyne

Disclaimer: while this is in no way a paid advertisement, it will sound like one. These wine regions are special! Boyfriend and I have a knack for cramming a lot into our holidays, and our Easter trip to the Beechworth … Continue reading

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Provenance, Beechworth

Taking the Like Canberra shirt on tour through the Snowy Mountains...

Japanese-influenced Provenance’s reputation precedes it (it’s a two-hatted restaurant, after all) and it’s another ‘must-do’ for our Beechworth trip. In fact, we book our table there for Good Friday before we even think about booking anything else (including accommodation!). It … Continue reading

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The Butter Factory, Myrtleford

At the Taste of Two Regions festival last year (our inspiration for our trip down south!) – amongst all the wine – we obsessed about the salted hand-churned butter samples from attendee Myrtleford Butter Factory. It’s a must-do for us … Continue reading

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Sangoma Retreat

View from the pool over Sydney

Sangoma Retreat is quite literally nestled in the foothills of the Blue Mountains*, past Richmond and Kurrajong, and down a one-car-width-wide street with gumtrees looming overhead, daring the sunlight to enter. There‚Äôs a fence on the right at number 70, a sign, and a buzzer. Amidst the enveloping bush, you …

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